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Machining? Machining?

Machining is one of the broadest and useful fields of manufacturing and industrial processes. Today, everyone uses a product of machining. In machining there are many advantages, the solutions in machining are advanced and smart, this is a manufacturing process where layers of material are accurately and carefully removed from a “chunk” or plate of different materials, for the purpose of this is to produce a finished component, exactly and strictly like the design. In order to design the part, CAD software is used. Machining is different from other production techniques like 3D printing or casting. In machining we begin by removing layers of materials with the appropriate processing heads (in the industry there is a large variety of advanced CNC machines) until we reach the final form of the product. The level of accuracy of the component in machining is high up to the thousandth of a millimeter. We process many kinds of materials like: Aluminum, Steels, Plastic, Bronze, Brass and others.

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